Okay, I know the wiki is still in its infancy and needs content more than anything right now, but I've quickly hacked together a template (see it in action) to link to yet-nonexistent image- and sprite pages à la Ace Attorney Wiki. (go have a quick look at that, the links and the pages they link to I'm both talking about should be below the header but above the page's content)

The concept can easily be carried over to this wiki. Though, the potential main problem is that we might not have enough official/concept/promotional art to justify an extra entire separate page for every character. Plus, most promotional images feature multiple characters and since you have to pay for it you probably can't just copypaste most of the Sights of Neo-SF artbook into the Concept Art section for that character.

A Sprites page for every character that has a close-up face in-game should be reasonable and doable though. Worst-case scenario is that we have to build the animations ourselves from spritesheets, which though it's a bunch of work shouldn't be too extremely hard to do.