A folder of blackmail against Charlie, including footage of him trash talking a cat

Charlie Nova was one of TMI Entertainment's top talent and host of several programs, including Star in the Stratosphere and Tonight in the Stars. He had a cat, which he called Captain Snuggles.

Loves his appletinis.

Very positive, no nonsense; similar to Liberace or Caesar Flickerman in how they carry themselves. A luxurious person who made it from the bottom.

His online presence and output was compromised by Baby Blue, who rewrote his articles to be more anti-Human Revolution, in hopes of furthering its own survival. After Turing and Alys discovered this, he was killed by Leon Dekker in an attempt to hide Baby Blue's tracks.


"Fantastic! How fantastic! I just love your ROM. Not quite as stunning as mine, but still pretty grand! Very sleek. Very clean. Bravo! Oh, Sympathy is doing that thing where she waves at me to hurry things up. Right down to the brass tacks then, I suppose?"
"Wait! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Charlie Nova, host of Tonight in the Stars and Star in the Stratosphere! But you already knew that, I'm sure."
"Trust me, I'd love to lay down some earth-shattering pronouncement and dazzle you with my investigative skills, but all I've got is flimsy threads at best."