The science of advancing biological life through the use of artificial enhancements. The major corporation known for cybernetic development and studies is the Flower Cybernetics Group. Cybernetics are used in this world to enhance or replace organs, limbs, or other body parts, and are not limited to just humans, but also animals and plant life.

Anyone that has more than 75% of their body replaced with cybernetics is known as a BCA, or Brain Controlled Android. These are rare and illegal for a normal citizen to obtain. BCA's are mostly found in the military, and can be classified as living weapons. When a BCA is retired, their weapons grade cybernetics are shut down and removed. They can live normal lives when retired, but are still tracked and monitored until they expire. Illegal BCA's are unregistered with the Government, and no longer trackable.

The classes and legalities of cybernetics, such as BCA's, were created to uphold the government's laws of maintaining a certain level of humanity through the Humanity Protection Act. Though it is known that BCA's exist, and are used in government and military operations, most information about them and their activities are typically covered up.

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