Depending on the Alys's relationship with Jess, several changes to the ending can occur. None of her character's endings can occur in the Flatline routes.

She likes youEdit


Jess leads a very publicized spat with the Human Revolution as they square off over the recent riots in the city, and the news media laps it up.

Jess is furious with you for keeping her in the dark about your true aims, but agrees to help battle the legislature that seeks to take away the ROMs' individuality. She seems to be softening towards you as your goals align and she observes your fight for a new kind of equality.

She dislikes youEdit


Jess is furious with you for keeping her in the dark about your true aims, and continues her own pursuits.


"What the hell? So you head right up to the chick with the ears, 'cause of course she'd have the cat name. I get it. Un-freaking-believable."
"I'll try to keep the bile down if you keep your foot out of your mouth. Sound fair?"
"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were one of my exes. They never knew how to catch a clue either. What the hell do you two want this time? You're all out of favors to call in, and I'm not inclined to extend another to your sorry asses."
"You know, as soon as I first saw you, I hoped you'd be dropped like a bad packet off the meshnet and I'd never see you ever again."

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