Leon Dekker was an ex-military psychopath and brain-controlled android. He was Yannick Fairlight's bodyguard and gofer and killed Shotaro Otsuka, Charlie Nova, Nonya, Zinn and various others under his employ.




A part of the United States military's involvement in North Korea.


"Hn. You must be the person I’m here for. The name's Leon Dekker. Fairlight messaged ahead that I needed to pass one of his cards on to you. Here. Hope the old man didn't ramble much. Not that I mind. Hn. Hopefully he'll go soon and put me in his will. (laughs) Just kidding."
"I bet...I bet you're thinking right now, "Is he really going to do that B-grade VR drama villain thing?" Really, it's not like that! I'm normally not one for grand speeches. (laughs) Theatrics are fun, but wholly unnecessary. I like to get straight to the bloodshed. You know? So... let's do this the hard way. I like the hard way. I LOOOVE the hard way."
"You should have seen your faces when I ran that guy over right in front of you! (mockingly) ‘Waaah, there's no one in the car!’ (laughs) Priceless."