Arcade Games

  • ChargeShot - a deathmatch where you are a jetpack-using bounty hunter
  • Mega Phobetor
  • Super Indie Karts - a high-speed, dynamic kart-racing game. One of the in-game items is a watermelon.
  • Virtuous X - a game featuring robotic mechs

Dural Games

Familink Games

Super Familink Games

  • Ninja Wombat vs. Robo-Rasputin: Mega Supreme Special Edition
  • Penultimate Journey 5: The Pit of Elastic Terror
  • Super Slug 3: Revenge of The Super Slug
  • Water Rash
  • Wrench Davis: Adventure in the Outer Limits
  • YARF
  • Yonky's Peninsula

Mega-16 Games

Other Games

  • CrossCode - a video game about being in a video game
  • Duck Game - originally a traditional video game, evolved into a popular VR sport in the 2060s
  • Duck Game '64
  • Hex Heroes - a virtual board game
  • Kremlin
  • Smooth Operator - an adult kissing sim
  • Starr Mazer - a vintage game set on a spaceship
  • Super Slam Dunk Touchdown
  • VA-11 Hall-A - a bartending sim on which several drinks are based
  • Where in the Fifth Dimension is Victoria Santa Cruz?
  • Where in the Galaxy is Kremlin San Antonio - involved tentacles