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This is an online portal for Read Only Memories that anyone is free to edit, but don't be a dingus! Feel free to take a look around, have fun and don't do anything Turing wouldn't do! Please note: this site may contain spoilers, so tread carefully! Edit

Read Only Memories is currently out on PC, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV and Razer Forge. It has a planned release on for Apple tvOS and Android TV as well.

2064: Read Only Memories is an upgraded version of the game with full voice acting, redone artwork and puzzle and story improvement -- it's out now on PC/Max/Linux and PS4!

The wiki currently contains mostly pre-2064 information - we're in the process of updating it!

Read Only Memories Timeline

Lexi with background TOMCATwithBG Jess with background Turing


ESRB Rating: M (17+)

Free Demo

Buy On: Steamitch.ioHumbleGOG

Subreddit: /r/ReadOnlyMemories


Comments Edit

  • discussion page Talk:RUN, DONUT WALK
    new comment by A FANDOM user 21 hours ago
    Comment: ... what happened to the store... why was it a store... why is the store gone
  • discussion page Talk:Endings
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Does anyone have a transcript or video of the Clark Kent ending? I've been curious about it, but can't seem to find any further evidence of it out...

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