A stylish but rude graffiti artist, and junior member of the Human Revolution. Though he’s outwardly loud, rude, and punkish, he’s really got a heart of gold.


"What the hell do you want? Who do you think you're messin' with, huh?"
"Oh shit. That Hayden dude is your Dad? And they snatched him? That's so messed up. Man, I hope you find the dudes that took him. I hope he's okay...Oh man.... I... dunno what to say, ya know? I mean, I still have my Dad. But he's...He's never really been around. Too busy trying to save the world from itself. Even now he's over there standing in front of that damn clinic. And... I thought I could find a way to make him...whatever. I might as well nuke that drive. It ain't gonna sync."
"Dudes gotta stick together, y'know? Don't matter if you're a robot or what. We all got the same shit to deal with.Gotta grab destiny by the horns and make your own mark!"
"I'm super good at claw machines, and I can fit an entire hot dog in my mouth at once. With bun."