A now-defunct company, headed by Doctor Yannick Fairlight, specializing in software development.

It is best known for its creation of the Live Intelligence Processing System and its contributions to the first model of Flower Cybernetics' neural uplink.


Early History

At some point in the past, System One was founded by Dr. Fairlight and released its lead product, the L.I.P.S. operating system.

Collaboration with Flower

Some time after the release of L.I.P.S., Flower Cybernetics contracted out the development of the software component of its upcoming neural uplinks. After the immense success of the release, Dr. Fairlight propositioned to Flower's CEO, Melody Flores. Ms. Flores turned him down, which lead to Yannick orchestrating a sabotage of the uplink and the swift end of the partnership with Flower.

Merger with Parallax

Eventually System One took on a merger with the larger company Parallax. System One's L.I.P.S. OS was then deeply integrated into Parallax' services, largely by then-hotshot researched Hayden Webber. Soon however, a dispute between Parallax' Board of Directors and Dr. Fairlight about the launch of the meshnet, which the former CEO of System One did not think secure, lead to his dismissal from the company and the end of System One's spiritual legacy.