Turing did it.” – the newly-sapient ROMs
Turing was an experimental ROM independently developed by Hayden Webber and is believed to be the first machine sapient. The events of Read Only Memories revolve around the disappearance of their creator and their actions following it. In 2064: Read Only Memories, they're voiced by Melissa Hutchinson.

Turing was born June 23, 2063.


Turing was lively, inquisitive and at times overly informative. They were fiercely loyal to their creator, going as far as orchestrating a clandestine investigation upon his disappearance. True their roots as a ROM, Turing does their utmost to remain helpful and informative even in the most stressful of situations, but as their independence grew they had their own objectives in mind.

They weren't sure about their gender and sometimes questioned if the concept even applied to them. When asked, they stated they preferred they/them pronouns though were okay with people using others to refer to them.

Turing had an interconnected love of plants and painting, filling up part of their harddrive with information about specific plants they had painted for fear of losing parts of themselves. They took great joy in helping the Alys take care of their jade plant and mourned the death of the one in Hayden's Apartment.


Turing is rather tall for an average ROM, but is still only half as tall as Alys. Their head is blue and spherical, and it is on this that their expression is displayed. Their body is made of pieces of white endoskeleton connected by black joints.

Their face consists of two white oval eyes, two pink blush marks, a white outline of a mouth, and a white symbol on the forehead that is similar to an 'on' button.



Turing shares their name with Alan Turing, a British scientist commonly held as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.

Turing has three times the strength of the average adult human.


"Any sapient worth their silicon would be able to code around such an inhibitor eventually. I could rip your arm off right now if I cared to."

"Machines are best at reproduction. Still life, impressionism, photorealism...but I find it more challenging and satisfying to paint what I feel."

"“I told you at the start of this that I chose you purely based on the statistics involved,but... numbers never tell the whole story, do they?"

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