I've had enough of this cutthroat corporate bullshit for several lifetimes.
Vincent Mensah was one of the best software engineers of the 2060s and a friend and coworker of Hayden Webber.


Intelligent, wry.



Vincent's Parallax ID badge

Vincent had black eyes and dark hair, which he wore in a bun. He wore large ear implants, with a screen covering the entirety of his right eye.


Developer at Parallax

Vincent worked at Parallax for several years, eventually ending up as the head applications engineer at their data analysis division.

He remained in this position for several years, coming to work closely with Hayden Webber as the person implementing his search algorithms.


After the disappearance of Hayden, Vincent found his coworker's office cleared, his security credentials revoked and his projects confiscated. Vincent panicked, fearing he might be next if he accidentally stepped on the wrong person's toes. This lead him to betray the company, stealing Hayden's research to sell on the black market.

He initially offered the information to Melody Flores of Flower Cybernetics Group. Melody, however, did not fulfil her end of the bargain and instead sent Turing and Alys his way, hat in hand. Vincent started shopping the information around again, promising to give the duo a copy once he had found a buyer. However, within a day the pair had obtained a stolen car, forged passports for him and his wife and 100,000 credits to tide him over until the heat died down, and Vincent fled the country to Canada.